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Magnum Project: Stuart Franklin

For my project I chose to take lessons from Stuart Franklin’s photos, in both concept and some techniques.  To create these photos utilize Franklin’s creative use of utilizing different angles that are less tripod based.  Another technique was his ability to utilize texture of an object to lead the viewer into the scene and yet still let the background become something identifiable to the user.

As for his subjects, my view is that often they are the effect that a man has on his environment.  Though I took this in the direction I more favor which is that of the impact that goes through a different form of interaction, where sometimes man impacts nature and nature replies in turn with its own impact on man’s creations.  It is in this second view of the conversation that a new side of man’s power can be found, but I utilize some of the idea of Franklin’s process and technique to enhance the part of the conversation that I can hear or rather see.

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